Off to Emmaus Training

This is test number one from the squarespace site to see if I can do this.  My thoughts this morning go to the Emmaus Community.  Today we start training for SWTX Koinonia Walk #3 a Woman's walk that will take place 19-22 Oct at Mt Wesley  

NEXT Saturday I will be in Uvalde for a Boys Chryslis training that will occur 19-22 July in Uvalde.  Open to boys that have completed 9-12th grade.  I have been asked by my buddy Steve Peyton from Uvalde First to help with that walk.

With all of this 'walk' training it reminds me that we all are on our 4th Day journey where our task is to be disciples of Jesus Christ and help spread his Good News.  Emmaus helps to make church leaders and I would love to see more attend these walks.  If you are interested please talk to me.  


Everett McCarley