Thinking About Samuel & MLK

The connection between 14 January Old Testament Reading when God was calling Samuel into HIS service I find very powerful.

The second reading this week that hit me like a ton of bricks was this devotional by one of Rev Dr Martin Luther King’s niece.

When God first called Samuel he did not get it because Samuel did not have a reference for listening to God.  As we nationally celebrated MLK day the Samuel scripture continued to resonate in my head as I read and listened about Rev Dr King.  I noticed again the first thing in his title, was Reverend.  Without a doubt MLK heard the word of God, dreamed about the word and God, and most importantly ACTED on the word of God.  

Wouldn’t America be such an awesome place to live (it already is), but just imagine how even more GREATER it could be if we just got over ourselves, and focused on ONE OF THE PROPOSED TWEETS that Rev Dr King’s niece suggested. 

I encourage us to read this devotional, it’s short and then think how WE can make our world a better place.  God is speaking to all of us--we just have to listen.  

Pastor Everett (Ev) McCarley
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Everett McCarley