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Treats for TROOPS

The church is collecting food/snacks along with fun items like books and water pistol to ship

to the TROOPS as part of an Out Reach -Missions project.

TREATS FOR THE TROOPS(You do not need to get everything on the list!)

Slim Jims or Jerky, Vienna sausage or tuna

Can opener

Homemade cookies (NO CHOC CHIP, label what is in them)

(Store brand choc chip okay)

Microwave popcorn, crackers, pretzels

Gum, Lifesavers and mints, candy that is not gel or cholate based

Seasoning packets (soy, salsa, taco, etc)

Plastic jar or canned salsa, cheese and bean dip

Pringles or chips in a can

Plastic jar peanut butter, jelly too

Nuts any kind, small packages

Canned fruit small cans

Paperback books (used ok, comic books to novels)

Writing paper and envelopes

Greeting Cards & stamps (for all occasions to send home)

Frisbees, balls, and water pistols

Fancy soap & body wash

Hygiene wipes, panty liners


Anything with chocolate, caramel, fudge

Gel or aerosol

No POP TARTS they melt

Nothing fresh but cookies

No drink mixes

Later Event: June 3